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London Harley Street, Bath and Online

You have landed here because you have heard the calling to change your life. Perhaps it’s about showing up more fully. How to navigate being human with all the complexity of emotions. Maybe you had a wake up call and realised that life is too sacred to waste playing small.

Perhaps it’s fear that is holding you back. Maybe you feel alone and that no understands you. Or you woke up one morning realising you didn’t like yourself very much.

Regardless why you are here know that you are welcome and I am not your usual run of the mill life coach! My work is sacred, fun, life changing, challenging, and beyond the ordinary. Because life is to short to be anything else.

London Life Coaching Harley Street, Bath and Online

So many people live in the familiar and the known. They keep themselves safe by playing small. Not my clients they have true courage to step out into the unknown and the unfamiliar.  It doesn’t mean they do not experience fear or uncertainty – they simply do not let it define them. 

If you are ready to leave what you know behind you and step out into a new journey of truly getting to know yourself, your spiritual gifts, and learning how to unconditionally love yourself (this is one of life’s keys to success) there is a good change I may be the coach for you. Let’s talk. 

Linda Connors

The Love Life Coach, Poet and writer

Love Life Coaching and Workshops

How you can work with Linda.

Private Life Coaching

Group Programme


I weave together life coaching, confidence coaching, leadership and business coaching, meditation, success intelligence, love-centered living, intelligence of nature and success principals. We bring all of you into the process mind, body, heart and spirit.

It’s suitable for business leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, spiritual seekers, and people who want to remove the blocks which are holding them back. Whether it’s knowledge and the know how, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, fears or being stuck. 

Somerset Spring Awakening Retreat for business leaders, executives and business owners.

The Spring Awakening Retreat

A beautiful retreat to pause in your life and immerse yourself in a day of meditation, poetry, movement and nature with Love Life coach Linda Connors.

We are in beautiful Nunney, Frome in Somerset. 

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The Results

  • Create the life you want
  • Gain natural and authentic confidence 
  • Become a better leader
  • Grow and expand your business
  • Be more loving
  • Find inner peace
  • Be happier
  • Experience more success
  • Be more of you

Love Life Coaching - courage, principals and the intelligence behind success, love and happiness

The methodology behind Linda’s work is deep coaching. Not “surface” coaching which works with tools and techniques. Real deep coaching takes courage and risks. You will learn how to see yourself and the world differently.  To also see beyond the veils of the ego and allow your real self have more presence in the world. When you have this understanding your life transforms. 

Just imagine leading with love rather than fear. To take risks rather than withdrawing.  To understand the principals of success intelligence, love, who you truly are and pure happiness.  As a result you will have access to the ability to create and live an empowered life.


  • The impact upon your life when you start to live consciously
  • Stepping into your courage to use your voice and show up fully with courage
  • Inspiring others through your inspired and authentic leadership
  • Leading with love rather than fears or self-doubt
  • Building a new relationship with fear, doubt and anxiety
  • The full impact when you start to accept all thoughts, emotions, and feelings.
  • Experiencing more meaningful success as you are being directed by what is important
  • Living your life from a place of being grounded, connected, calmer and experiencing more inner peace.
  • Showing up more and using your voice to share your ideas, creativity and thoughts
  • Living an inspired successful and meaningful life – through Braveheart Life Coaching it’s possible.

Love Life Coaching in London, Bath and Skype

Appointments with Linda are available in London Harley Street, Bath and internationally online through Skype/Zoom.

Who Linda works with

People from all walks of life work with me. From spiritual seekers, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, other coaches and people who want to contribute to the world around them. People from around the UK, Europe and the world works with Linda

Let's talk

Contact Linda if you are committed, serious about making meaningful and long lasting change. Please either complete the form below or call Linda direct on 075 3421 3557.