A coach in my heart
A poet in my soul
A woman of the earth
A student of love and courage
Spiritual Warrior, Bold, Introvert and leader

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Welcome to the about Linda page.  In a nutshell, I see my life a journey which started with my first breath upon the earth. I’ve battled against anxiety, depression and lots of fear. As well as not liking myself very much. which all held me back from being the leader and person I knew I was.  What I discovered is that tools and techniques are short term fixes. So I changed paths and followed the road of self love, acceptance and compassion. That’s when I woke up and started to rise. I am also still waking up and rising!  

Linda Connors has supported thousands of men and women on their journey. She works with a wide rang of modalities focussing on success intelligence, love coaching, spiritual awareness, meditation and breath, soul centred living, fearless coaching, and has created many processes to guide you into your own awakening journey.

Linda was originally training in Hypnotherapy and NLP and lead a successful career supporting executives and business leaders with sexual problems, and confidence, fear and anxiety issues. She is grateful for this experience and through her own awakening she listened to her soul and heart which guided her towards working in a new profound and inspired way.

Nature and poetry

Finding my heart in nature - coaching

There is a part of me that belongs to nature and I bring that presence into my work. Much of poetry is about my relationship with my heart and nature.  Here is a section of a poem:

The Calling

There is a place deep within you dear one that belongs to the earth. It longs to feel the wind against your naked skin. It longs for the breeze to whisper the ancient knowing to your heart. It longs for the trees to ground the edges of your shadows. 

I love leading clients into nature to focus on leadership, life coaching, presence, inner peace, love and just being human. 

Five things about Linda you may wish to know

  • I’ve worked at 20th Century Fox, Burberry and the Economist
  • I’m an introvert (although some people think I am an extrovert!). Have you ever taken a personality test? On the myer biggs scale I am an INTP – known for my logic, analytical thinking and problem solving. As well as being honest, and open minded.  On the Enneagram I am type 4 the Individualist – known as being highly creative, self aware, loves beauty, is expressive and authentic.
  •  I have a soft (some people say strong!) Australia accent as I was born in Manchester, grew up in Australia in Tasmania and now live in beautiful Somerset. I have a Celtic heart as my dad was Irish
  • Nature is my second home
  • After a coaching session with my coach and mentor I started writing poetry. Perhaps a book is being written! 
  • Even thought I am a deep thinker I love to laugh – and have preformed comedy sketches with my partner (even though I was so nervous!).  (oops that was 6 things about me!)


I have been trained, coach and mentored by some of the leading coaches around the world.  My coaching training has consisted of: love centred coaching, success intelligence (leadership), Success Principals, Playing Big (women’s confidence coaching), Enneagram (personality testing), leading groups, How to change our stories, mind and body  On a personal level I love reading about philosophy, the mystics, neuroscience and leadership books.

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