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Do you long for a better life but don’t know how to create it?  Do you want more confidence yet it never seems to change?  Do you feel you should be happy yet feel lost and unfilled? Do you want more out life, love, work and relationships?  Do you want to stop the inner critic, fear and self doubt?

Great! Wherever you are right now is an opportunity for growth and it is also a wake up call to live your life differently.  Life Coaching with Linda can be the answer you are looking for. 


Linda Connors

Life Coach

What difference will Life Coaching with Linda make in your life?

You will gain more emotional stability so whatever life throws at your way, you remain grounded and strong. You will enjoy a new sense of inner freedom as you fear or self doubt dominate your life. You will also gain greater confidence which will influence how powerfully you show up in your life. 

You will understand the principals for success and happiness and allow these to guide you in your career, business, relationships and life.  

You will also rediscover the fire and passion in your heart to live a life of purpose and meaning. 

With a new found peace of mind and body, a deeper connection to your heart and soul you will make each day count whether it’s the ordinary or the miraculous. 

Living with a Braveheart

It takes tremendous courage to live with a Braveheart.  To allow yourself to be who you truly are. Not the story of your past, or what your family may think of you.  Not the story of what your ego or your self image has created. 

Living with a Braveheart is about being courageous with your actions, communications, goals and dreams. It’s about unlocking the potential you have for growth, love, kindness and also creating meaningful success in your life.

Life Coaching Package and Programme

Return home to self

Lost your way in life? Don't know who you are? Discover the path back home to who you truly are. Feel more alive, curious and creative in life. Connect to the well spring of inspiration within you.

Happiness, love & success

Feeling unhappy and unfilled in life and long for something more? ? Living with meaningful happiness, success and love. With strength and a new found presence your life will expand with purpose and meaning.

The Confident Self

Lack of confidence holding you back? Reconnect to the intelligence of mind, body, heart and spirit to tap into your confident self. Greater confidence gives you the ability to be strong and assured in life.

Creating deep inner change through Life Coaching

Do you ever feel that each day feels the same as the day before, and the day before that? That it feels like it is on repeat. Despite all your good intentions nothing seems to change.  Life Coaching shines a light on your habitual way of thinking, and behaving as well as the way you life. 

Life Coaching with Linda is dives deep into who you are. How your mind, body, heart and spirit function together. The stories you tell yourself (i’m an impostor, failure, not enough etc). We explore the blocks in your life and how you limit yourself. And as we uncover I then help you to reconnect and tap into who you truly are. 

I weave together the magic of coaching, meditation, enneagram (personality testing for personal growth), nature coaching, confidence growth, success intelligence and mindset growth.  Deep life coaching  gives the power back to you. So you can determine how to live your life. Imagine waking up each day to a life that empowers you and excites you. It’s possible. 

About Life Coaching with Linda

Life Coaching with Linda is about honest and real conversations. It’s unique, fun and also challenging as Linda will also show you how the stories you tell yourself are limiting your life. It’s a journey of who you are as a human being and aligning that with your real self .

Life Coaching is available in London Harley Street, Bath and online. 

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