Coaching in Nature in Somerset for individuals, couples and corporate teams.

Reconnect to rediscover who you are, purpose, talents and resources

Finding my heart in nature - coaching
Life Coaching in Nature

Life Changing coaching conversation. Be. Pause. Walk.  Poetry. Find yourself. Release.  Love. Mind. Body. Heart. Spirit.

Somerset Coaching in Nature. Meditation, walking, retreats

Breathe. Slow down. Reconnect.  Silence. 

Linda Connors, coaching and nature

Reconnect. Love. Leadership. Talents. 

Coaching in Nature with Linda

In our modern day life many of us forget to pause, to be and to connect with the heart and body. I offer you an invitation to step forward in a whole new experience of connecting with nature and connecting with yourself.

I live in a beautiful part of the world – magical Somerset where the land comes alive through the seasons – from autumn which is the season for letting go, winter the season for rest, contemplation and preparing the mind and body for something. Spring brings us a new awakening and rebirth. Summer brings as light, warmth and radiance.

​Imagine walking the paths of beautiful somerset surrounded by wild flowers, open landscape, beautiful old trees and walking your own theme of love, confidence, leadership, or authentic – or something that your heart is calling you forward right now.

Perhaps it may simply be a gift to yourself to escape the hectic London busy work and lifestyle, maybe you need some time just to yourself connecting to nature, or perhaps you want to bring a loving focus to light up a goal or a dream.

Who is Coaching in Nature suitable for?

  • People going through transitions (relationship ending, divorce, career changes, redundancy).
  • Business Leaders
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Creatives
  • Couples
  • Business Teams
  • People who are feeling that they are disconnected from themselves, their talents and gifts
  • People who want to reconnect with their inspiration, creativity and success.

Individual Coaching in Nature

Individual Coaching in Nature

Time just for you. Walk the ancient paths of Somerset with coaching conversations, meditations, sitting in nature, connecting to your mind, heart, body and spirit. We will walk with your theme for the walk or perhaps you may wish to surrender and experience what comes up for you and explore that as we walk together. 

Couple's coaching in Nature

A walking meditation retreat for couples. Bring yourself, unite and come together as a couple to find the path to deeper connection, love and intimacy. A mixture of walking in silence, meditations, coaching conversations and sitting in nature surrounded by the ancient landscape, woods, the birdsongs.

Corporate coaching in nature

A walking meditation for corporate teams, business leaders or small businesses who want to explore how create a more connected team, create more success and become more authentic leaders. Teams of 2-5.

About Coaching in Nature

Coaching in Nature is lead by Linda Connors. Coach, writer, poet, nature lover and a brave heart. There is a wisdom and intelligence in nature that is so often forgotten in our modern day life. With her gentle nature, wild heart, and sense of humour she will guide you as you walk the path of nature to return back to who you truly are. To reconnect with your propose, strengths, heart, wisdom and intelligence of that it. 

Coaching in Nature is half a day, 1 day or a 2 day retreat.

There is a direct train to Castle Cary in Somerset and transport will be arranged.  If you are driving location will be advised.

What’s included:

  • A pre-conversation to explore what you would like from the experience. 
  • Meditations
  • Lunch
  • Life Coaching with Linda
  • 2 meditations MP3
  • A coaching session 1 month after the experience

How to book Coaching in Nature with Linda

The first step is to call Linda on 075 3421 3557 or complete the confidential form below.