Does Life Coaching work?

Does Life Coaching Work?

Does Life Coaching work is a question I get asked every so often. 

Perhaps you are in a corner of your life where you are not happy, feeling stuck, or at crossroads in your career and relationship. You want to change your life yet know that counselling isn’t for you as you want something more engaging, proactive that is going to support you to move out of the comfort zone into the unknown. So you being to explore the possibility of coaching.

The answer to the question does life coaching work is not black and white. It really depends on the experience of your coach, your commitment, what areas they specialise in and if you are a good fit to work together.

Make sure you life coach has their own coach!

I have known life coaches who have never had a life coach!  The coaches do not understand the value of coaching, commitment of time, energy and finances.  As a result they can only take clients as far as they themselves have changed. 

As a coach I have invested into my coaching training and travelled to LA, San Francisco and Portland for Coaching Conferences and training. I have also invested financially into being coached by varies people over the last ten years. Some had a profound impact upon my life. While others for varies reasons we didn’t work together as well as I had hoped.  

Does Life Coaching work – yes if you work with a coach that has the experienced and has been coached themselves

In order to get the most out of coaching and to make it work for you here are my thoughts.

Bring all of you into the coaching sessions

To make change in your outer world you need to make change in your inner landscape.  As humans we are complex yet and this body that we live in is made up of The inner landscape of the mind, body, heart and spirit.  Work with someone who is able to work with all of these aspects. Also, give yourself permission to allow all of you to show up in the session.

Does life coaching work – yes if you work with all of you!

Real life coaching isn’t about healing or improving your life

What you may say! But I want to improve my life.  By all means improve your time management skills, your cooking and improve your french. Real coaching is about going on a journey of a lifetime! It’s about exploring who you are, what you are made of (stories, beliefs, thoughts etc). Coaching is about being human, discovering how to meet emotions from a place of loving kindness. It’s about unconditional love and acceptance. It’s about finding joy and happiness in your life.

Because let’s be honest here.  What is success, financial wealth and relationships if you hate yourself, speak cruley to yourself in the privacy of your inner mind.

Imagine enjoying success, financial wealth and happiness from the place of love and acceptance. 

Does Life Coaching work?

I am going to answer this from my own experience of being coached. Yes Life Coaching work and at times it doesn’t. 

Life coaching works when the coach is experienced and has also been coached themselves, are highly trained and recognises the beauty and joys of being human. The coach see that emotions and thoughts are simply part of being human – it’s about how we respond (rather than react) to them that makes the difference.  The Coach does not try and instill their beliefs and world view onto you. It’s important that they are comfortable challenging you and also being challenged themselves. As well as receiving feedback.  


My suggestion to you is when you are looking to work with a life coach ask questions about their own coaching, the feedback they receive, the quality of clients they work with.  

I wish you well on your next coaching journey, it truly has the possibility of changing your life.

If you would like to speak to me about life coaching and how I can help please call 075 3421 3557. 

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