A sacred invitation with Life Coaching Linda Connors

I coach people from all around the world, different cultures, religions, backgrounds, and professions. You all have this in common:

You are successful yet unhappy or fully fulfilled. You know that there is another way to live. You want to be happier, make a difference, enjoy meaningful success, more abundance, and more love. You just are not sure how to get there yet.

My coaching is life changing, deeply personal, relational and revelatory. Challenging and fun. I hold the space for you to be. To put down your self image and allow the real you to emerge into your life. I work with as a guide and walk with you as you travel your inner landscape to bring new life and energy into who you are.

We will talk about things you perhaps haven’t talked about from self love, connection to heart and body, self acceptance, success intelligence, your real dreams, what impact you want to make in this world. When was the last time you said “I love you” to yourself. 

It’s a beautiful experience to work with another human in a space of trust, shared vision, and commitment to a higher purpose. If you are reading this you know deep down that the way you are living your life isn’t true to the real you or your life purpose. I can help if you have the courage to start this journey.

If you want a sacred space that allows you to grow and flourish into the person you truly are, let’s work together. To work with someone who isn’t afraid to challenge you regardless of your high profile, status or success. The first step is booking a discovery call. Call 075 3421 3557 or contact me here.

I provide personal and private coaching as well as group coaching, retreats and meditation heart classes (also know as master mind classes!).

Note: Many of my clients are high performers, successful and business leaders. All sessions are discreet and 100% confidential. 

Personal and Private 1-2-1 Coaching Packages and Programmes

Success intelligence, Wild Sacred Success and Ennegram coaching. 

I also create bespoke coaching based upon what you need. 

Anything is possible when we work together! I and a highly creative and intuitive person and create inspirational packages where you connect to the depths of your heart, hear the song of you soul and find your own rhythm. I also provide coaching in nature, mini-retreats, art gallerys, beautiful hotels, or simply meeting in my office in Harley Street or connecting over Skype. 

Group Coaching programmes 

There is something beautiful when individuals come together to grow together. Sign up to my newsletter to hear when the next group coaching programme will start. Each programme has a new theme – anything from abundance, self love, success to finding miracles in our day to day life!