Using nature and the seasons to grow through life

There is a place deep within you that belongs to the earth. It longs to feel the wind against your skin. It longs for the breeze to whisper the ancient knowing to your heart. It longs for the trees to ground the edges of your shadows. 

There is a beauty and grace of the seasons. Tuning into nature as she transforms allows a light to ignite within us.  To tap into courage, renewal and also allows change to naturally unfold.

Each season and phase of nature allows us to tap into a deeper wisdom, knowledge and connection with ourselves and the world around you.

Autumn/Fall – A time for releasing, letting go and creating space for something new to emerge. 

Winter – Using this time to retreat, reflect, to be still and create a vision for your life

Spring – Using this time to allow the stirrings of spring to awaken something deep within. Now is the time to put your vision into action. 

Summer – This is a time of celebration, allowing the light to guide you.

Are you will to let the self image you hold onto so dearly be released in the autumn of your inner world and allow the whispers of spring become your rebirth. To be reborn is to trust in the surrender of autumn, the sleep of winter and the breath of spring. Where the breeze whispers to the beings upon the land to gentle stir, the rest is over the time is now to announce to the land who your truly are. 

Spring - renewal, stirring, and awakening

This special Spring retreat will focus on preparation. Just as spring prepares for the summer you will begin to plant seeds. What will you be saying yes to? What seeds of opportunities, goals and dreams will you be planting in your inner landscape. Prepare for the year ahead. Begin to awaken and stir from the rest of winter

Summer - light, showing up, courage

Celebrate the warmth and summer as you reconnect to your own inner beauty and light. Learn to know who you truly are  (not the self-image, or your ego or conditioned self) but your real self. 

Autumn - release, surrender, letting go and celebration of who you are

Autumn is my favourite month as the trees begin to show their beauty of colours of autumn and then release their leaves back to the earth. What are you carrying out of habit? What are you ready to let go of? Are you ready to surrender into the truth of who you are?  During this special retreat you will go on a journey of release, surrender, letting go and celebrate your own inner gifts and talents.

Winter - slowing down, stillness, quiet and space

Winter is a beautiful opportunity to slow down, enter a scared stillness, and reconnect to the space within. What are you willing to say yes to? What are you ready to say no to? We will use this time to slow down, to pause and to be and allow what is deep within to unfold.

What to expect

Each retreat will be different but here is a sample of what to expect:

  • Beautiful and Powerful Meditations
  • Coaching led conversations
  • Group Coaching and sharing
  • Free time to journal, explore, to be and slow down
  • Connection with others
  • Being in nature
  • Group walking
  • Creativity
  • Sacred wisdom and poetry

Retreat details

Details and dates are being finalised. Register your interest below and I will receive updates once all details are confirmed.