Today I have risen Poem by Linda Connors

Today I Have Risen

Today I have risen Poem by Linda Connors

Today I Rise

Today I have risen

Today I rise with the sun from the slumber of sleep with a new commitment to life.

When I put my energy into empowerment rather than fear.

Where I learn to love myself rather than dislike myself or my body.

Where I allow my voice to rise rather then it being locked hidden in a self-inflected prison.

Where I learn to trust the universe to guide me and provide for me.

Today I have risen from the old swap ground of old fears, anxieties and worries into the beautiful fields of gold.

Today I have risen. The past now behind me. Holding the gifts and lessons and allowing these to guide me forward.

Today I have risen with a fire in my heart and passion in my blood. Today I have risen like the ancient ones before me. Creativity is in my veins. Love is in my heart. Pure happiness is who I am.

Today I have risen and I will leave footprints upon the earth of love and kindness

Today I have risen – the words to the forgotten song of my heart now my spiritual warrior cry. 

For many years I spent believing my thoughts, having intense feelings and emotions. Afraid to use my voice. However I believe there comes a time in every women’s life (and man’s) to begin to rise. Where it’s more important to step into the unknown and unfamiliar rather than being safe in the comfort zone of the known. 

So how will you rise today? 

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