Confidence Coaching for Women for Empowered Success in London, Bath and online

Is your lack of confidence and self worth holding you back in love, career and financial success?

Do you feel lost, anxious, worried and do not trust yourself?

Do you disconnect from your voice and are you afraid to speak up?

Do you feel overwhelmed in choices, directions and options and disconnect from who you truly are?

Perhaps you are a business owner, executive or coach and you are looking for support to take you to the next level of success where you are naturally confidence, financially abundant and have meaningful success?

I am Linda - a woman who spent many years feeling anxious and lost. I have now risen.

Welcome to women’s confidence coaching in London, Bath and online. I believe there comes a time in every women’s life when they decide to rise. When the status quo no longer is keeping you satisfied and happy. You know deep within there is another You that is waiting to emerge in your life. You are tired of making choices from fear rather than your empowered true self. You are ready to start to trust your innate wisdom and trust the universe. And you are ready to embrace self love. 

As a women’s confidence coach with over ten years experience I will help you to rise. I know what it’s like to hold myself back out of lack of self love, self worth and my voice disconnected. I also know what it’s like to re-discover the truth of who i am. To find my voice and to love myself with the grace of my heart.

What's women's confidence coaching?

Women’s Confidence Coaching with Linda is a revolutionary, simple and unique approach. It’s real coaching that is fun and challenging (as you see beyond the illusions who you have created) and my client’s say life changing.  There is no tools or techniques to learn. You will learn about the false (conditioned self / ego) and the real self (unconditional self) and how to apply this knowledge to direct change in your life. You will learn how to reconnect to love and acceptance and how this can deeply impact your life. You will learn where to place your energy. See how your thoughts create your experience of life.  

Through the women's confidence coaching programme you will walk away with new knowledge, way of life, love and a connection with your innate wisdom and new inspiration. As a result you can expect to:

  • Be more engaged and inspired in life
  • Take action to create changes
  • Experience a deeper level of self love and trust
  • Create a life you love
  • Release the need for approval from others
  • Let go of fear and allow your voice to rise
  • Allow the real self/unconditional self to have more energy and presence in your life
  • Make choices out of love rather than fear
  • Feel more balance, grounded and emotionally calmer
  • Welcome in all of you – the intelligence of  your mind, body, heart and spirit
  • Become confident, courageous and empowered in your life

During our work together

You will experience a special space held by Linda as you receive women’s confidence coaching. Which is bespoke and customised to your specific requirement as well as exploring the essence of life, love, acceptance, real self which you can learn to harness to create a life you love.

Working with Linda is truly transformational with lasting results because you will receive shifts in your thinking, a deeper connection to who you truly and the gift of self love. 

You will feel the impact of women’s confidence coaching as you bring more balance to your mind, body, heart and spirit. Experience a new found freedom from all the noise, fear, anxiety and overwhelm and insecurities as you rise to who you truly are.

Imagine living your life, business and relationships free from anxiety, fears, and insecure thinking which have blocked your vision and feeling less connected to who you truly are and becoming more confident in yourself, gifts and abilities and beginning to live from your highest level of love and well-being.

Imagine waking up each morning understanding how your ego/false self tries to sabotage you and becoming fully connected and engaged with who you are. Allowing your real self to have more breath in your life. 

Imagine deeply loving, trusting and accepting yourself, listening to your own wisdom and heart rather than the external world. And

Imagine dropping layers of insecurities of who you are as a woman and begin to step us and show up as the real confident you. 

Today I rise - a poem for women by Linda

Today I rise from the slumber of sleep with a new commitment to life.
Where I put my energy into empowerment rather than fear
Where I learn to love myself rather than hate myself
Where I allow my voice to rise rather then it being locked hidden in a self inflected prison
Where I learn to trust the universe to guide me back to my path

Today I rise the old swap ground of old fears, anxieties and worries into the fields of gold.
The past now behind me. Holding the gifts and lessons and allowing these to guide me forward. 

Today I rise with a fire in my heart and passion in my blood. Today I have risen like the ancient ones before me. Creativity is in my veins. Love is in my heart. Happiness is who I am.

Today I have risen and will leave footprints upon the earth of love and empowered success

Today I have risen – the words to the forgotten song of my heart now my spiritual warrior cry. 

Applying for women's confidence coaching programme with Linda

Women’s Confidence Coaching is available in London Harley Street, Bristol, and internationally online through Skype/Zoom.

The process of applying to work with Linda is simple. Please call 075 3421 3557 or complete the confidential enquiry form below. We will arrange a time to speak on the phone to explore the possibilities of us working together. Please allow 20-30 minutes for this call.  If we both feel we are a good fit we will check diaries and schedule your first appointment. 

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