Coaching: About you

You have reached a certain level of success yet perhaps feel something is missing.  Maybe you are not as happy as you thought you would be when you reached your distination of financial wealth, career success or relationships.

You feel that there is something more life, more to be a leader, a success, or wealthy.

Your soul longs to sing its tune but you have forgotten the words. Your heart has lost it’s rhythm of life.  Your feet long to dance but you can’t remember the moves. Your mind longs for peace but it feels like an impossible mission.

Coaching: About me

I will guide you back to the place to the song of your soul, the beat of your heart and the rhythm of you feet. To find deeper peace, a more enriched life and to find the path back to who you truly are.

It may sound like it is fluffy spiritual BS but I assure it is not!  It takes great courage to coach in the way I do – to love, to challenge, to guide and to create space for all of you.  If I invite you to work with me it’s because I see you. I see your beauty, your gifts, your song, your rhythm, and your heart. I see a greater yearning to be who you truly are.

Coaching: working together- a sacred coaching partnership

You will work with me between a 3 to 12 months programme. This will require your commitment, energy, and desire for growth, to take risks, to be courageous in the matters of the heart, mind, body and spirit. As we work together the real you will begin to unravel.  Not the one you show other people. The masks you wear. The personas you created. They have served their purpose. The time is for your REAL self to shine. To light your path. To enjoy meaningful happiness, success, authentic leadership and to be connected to your greatest vision and purpose in life.

Each coaching package is bespoke – some involve face to face meeting, others skype, others a mixture of 1-2-1 sessions with mini or longer retreats, being in nature to allow space for the YOU to emerge.

Coaching: where and how

The coaching programmes are face to face in  London Harley Street and Bath I also work with people around the UK and internationally online through Skype / zoom.

To schedule a first contact discovery call please contact my assistant ____ who will schedule you in my diary. You are also welcome to contact me directly on 075 3421 3557 or send a message here

Life Coaching in Harley Street 
1-7 Harley Street

Life Coaching in Bath
Central Bath